Type Performance Performance isolation Application
AMD-SR-75×75-SS Scientific Stainless Steel Damped Sorbothane Heavy Instruments

Sound deadened layer , steel-aluminium honeycomb – steel construction
eliminates surface vibrations.
The custom design and low natural frequency of the isolators built into this platform ensures that vibrations common in most laboratories are effectively removed, greatly increasing instrument performance. The seamless design and pharma grade stainless steel featured in the AMD-SR-SS series makes these tables ideal for use in cleanrooms and in Medical and Biological enviroments. Suitable for loads up to 200kgs.
A seamless welded stainless frame is optional. White Epoxy and Trespa surfaces also available

Dimensions (LxWxD) cm’s Tables
Working height
750mm (900mm on request)
Load capacity
200 kgs
Pharma stainless steel Top
Level adjustment (mm’s)
Frame Epoxy whote power
Level adjustment on Frames
4 off Sorbothane( Thermoset polyester based polyurethane)
Natural Frequency
Isolation performance
Natural frequency 7Hz
95 percent
98 percent
Shipping weight
50kgs in 2 boxes ( flatpacked top and frame)



ExVat & Shipping, Subject to T&C’s

Application – Microscopes and sensitive instrument. Self Levelling Air isolators for excellent stability and high performance
  • Stainless worktop table with vibraiton isolation, greatly improves the working enviroment for instruments
  • Unique Sorboathane isolator design removes up to 98% of unwanted vibration
  • Also available in White Epoxy Finish and Trespa: Wide range of accessories
  • Silicon satin stainless suitable for highest level cleanrooms with 0.25Ra. Optional satinless cleanroon frame
  • Sound deadened layer, steel-aluminium honeycomb-steel contruction eliminates surface vibrations
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