Type Performance Performance isolation Application
AMF-40×50-LX Scientific Stainless Steel Active Air Balances

Our range of active air balance isolation platforms is large enough to support most of the
larger microbalances . The air isolation platform effectively removes most vibrations while
combining excellent stability. The damped rolling diaphragm isolators have a low natural
frequency of 2Hz which effectively isolates out vibrations above 6Hz well below the
frequencies at which typical building vibrations begin to occur. The pharma stainless
worksurfaces have an Ra of 0.25 micron suitabl;e for the highest levels of clean rooms. A wide
range of option inlcudes: tables with guard rails, monitor arms , castors, stainless surface and
silent air compressors. A 316 stainless version is available for more demanding applications

The AMF-LX platform series are active self-levelling platforms that require a supply of
compressed air. We offer the C03 compressor which supplies up to 4bar of dry clean air
at up to 20 litres/min. The air input is via a 6mm push fitting at the rear of the platform

Dimensions (LxWxD) cm’s Tables
Working height
Load capacity
Pharma stainless steel Ra 0.25 micron
4off damped rolling diaphragm active air self-levelling
Isolation performance
97 percent
99 percent
Natural frequency
Air supply
5 bar (max 7) via 6mm push-fitting
Working temperature
-20 to +160 deg C



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Application – High performance self levelling air platform for precision balances
  • Performance vibration isolation active air platform for microbalances
  • Unique air dampened rolling diaphragm sub 2Hz frequency isolation removes up to 99 percent of vibrations
  • Surface pharma grade stain silicon stainless with Ra of 0.25 microns
  • Stainless steel version meets stringent cleanliness requirements and is resistant to almost all forms of chemical attack
  • Sound deadened table construction eliminates unwanted surface vibrations
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