Type Performance Performance&lt isolation Application
AMD-FH-90×75 Scientific Stainless Steel Active 2Hz Air Microscopes

AMD-FH includes Frame guards . Arm support and gel pad and other accessories shown in images are optional and not inluded in price


The Active Air isolation tables are designed for Microscopes where a stable and vibration enviroment is critical for their proper operation. Table surface are offered in a range of sizes to accomodate the Microscope along with their ancillary equipment. The air isolation table effectively removes most vibrations while combining excellent stability. The rigid frame has levelling feet which ensure the table is in excellent contact with the floor. The damped rolling diaphragm isolators have a low natural frequency of 2Hz which effectively isolates out vibrations above 6Hz well below the frequencies at which typical building vibrations begin to occur. A wide range of option inlcudes: guard rails, monitor arms , castors, stainless surface and silent air compressors.

The AMD-FH table series are self-levelling tables that require a supply of compressed air. We offer a choice of compressors which supply clean dry air up to 4bar of at up to 20 litres/min. The air input is via a 6mm push fitting at the rear of the platform. We offer a wide range of accessories which include a frame with levelling feet, a frame shelf ,which drops onto the frame and guard rails, monitor arms and arm rests as well as a keyboard shelf that fits to the underside of the platform. Retractable castor feet are also optional

Dimensions (LxWxD) cm’s Tables
Platform working height
750mm ( 900mm optonal )
Load capacity
100 kgs
ferritic stainless steel with M6 holes on 25mm frid
Level adjustment (mm’s)
4 off damped rolling diaphragm active self-levelling
Natural Frequency
Isolation performance
Natural frequency 7Hz
97 percent
99 percent
Air Supply
5bar ( Max 10) via 6mm push-fitting
Working temperature
-20 to +160 deg C



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Application – Microscopes and sensitive instrument. Self Levelling Air isolators for excellent stability and high performance
  • Active air damped rolling diaphragm-sub 2Hz frequency isolator removes up to 99 percent of vibrations
  • Modular range of options to configure tables to your own specifications
  • Stainless steel version meets stringent cleanliness requirements. Resistant to almost all forms of chemical attack
  • Sound deadened layer construction eliminates surface vibrations
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